The definition of "legacy" is a gift or honor bestowed or handed down through a family line. The Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club gladly accept this gift of responsibility from our Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club brothers . They have come before us and are entrusting us to carry on their visions, principles, code of ethics, & traditions well into the future.


    The Legacy Vets M/C was created by and is a part of the Vietnam Vets M/C. The Legacy Vets are not a separate entity, nor will it ever be. The LVMC is governed by the by-laws of the VNVMC. Our goals are simple; to contribute our time, effort, and resources to the Club. All Legacy Vets are activists & advocates for veteran's rights and related issues. We are a serious motorcycle club, not a VFW or American legion. The Viet Nam Vets / Legacy Vets M/C continues to honor our solemn oath to defend & protect the constitution of the united states and the inalienable principles on which it was founded.


    We share more than just common military experiences, we also share a common set of social codes, ethics, and values that set us apart from everyone else. We are returning warriors. We too have been humiliated and ostracized for our patriotic services. We've been lied to; denied medical attention and reorientation benefits from our own government. We are sent to fight in foreign lands in defense of our nations founding principles of freedom and democracy. We're not a criminal organization. We will not get involved in the business of any other motorcycle club. Simply stated we are a neutral club. We respect all clubs that share our freedom of the wind and the road. However we feel strongly about government infringements upon any citizens' personal liberty and civil rights. Considering that the values that we've fought for on foreign soils are even more important to us here in America. The Legacy Vets M/C is a unique entity,We all give 150% to the brotherhood and to each other.

We don't need "prima-donnas", egos or assholes. Becoming a member of our unique brotherhood takes a process; which starts with a few basics------------>>>